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The Home of ALS

The Automotive Lighting Sculpture (ALS) concept aims to find solutions to problems that recently have been significantly influencing the visual system state of drivers and other participants on the road, known as Glare. The ALS Concept stands as a semantic synergy bridge developed at Angel Kanchev University of Ruse, Bulgaria.

Automotive Lighting Sculpture

Born Beyond Existing Borders, the ALS idea explores a series of conceptual sculptural and light-based metamorphoses, paving its way as a contemporary scientific-research avant-garde. It is a new design term and a creative method that reveals the semantic potential of lighting in the automotive design evolutionary process. Gallery

Audi Akimono LS2.0 Concept

The FEEARA Concept is a design study of a futuristic automotive metasculpture which aims to draw the attention to the lighting aggression on the road and its antipode recognized as 'elegant metacommunication'.The project is an explicit demand for rediscovering new necessities in the contemporary creative process. Gallery