+++ Mission 2015 :: M:2015 +++ Thorough Design Examinations & Analyses :: Higher education has the aim to contribute to the students’ ability to conduct thorough design examinations and analyses towards the new tendencies and technologies as well as to identify the new times necessities and preferences. Original Ideas :: To challenge students to develop their own personal original ideas of a strong innovative and creative nature. Communication Skills Improved :: To contribute to the development of students’ technical, verbal, writing and representational skills. Personal Expression of Harmony :: To help students develop their own personal expression of harmony, closely studying the experience of the past and present. Purposeful Attractors :: To help Bulgarian and International students find their own targeted attractors, to support them develop in the centres of Alma Mater and share them as ambassadors of contemporary science and culture throughout the world. Vivals Periphery. Manifest of the Sculptural Fractal. Mediateh-Pleven.Ruse University Publishing Centre,2018:: Proceedings of University of Ruse, 2017:FRI-K1-1-QHE-02. +++